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Player choice paramount in 'WildStar' as evidenced in new trailer

Plenty of games emphasize player choice. Even some MMO games out there give you options in character customization and story. "Wildstar" developers plan to expand on that idea especially when it comes to player adventures. A new trailer posted Monday on the official "Wildstar" website goes into how player choice will be more than just an option.

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Carbine Studios
An Engineer in Wildstar
Carbine Studios

In the video, gamers meet The Caretaker. He's a sentient AI developed and, as he subtly points out, abandoned by the Elden to monitor scientific happenings on Nexus. He keeps tabs on players and what they do throughout the game. Specifically, he talks about group adventuring in a virtual world.

In these adventures, players can make choices. These choices lead to new adventures and to new choices. Each decision seemingly leads to something different depending on the choice the player makes. Choosing well will reward the player while choosing poorly may leave them destroyed. Luckily, players can experience these critical decisions repeatedly. Presumably, this means a player can make a different choice within the adventure on a subsequent playthrough.

"Wildstar" is slated to release Spring 2014. A box purchase and subscription is required to play.

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