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Player bio: Corey Karels


A gamer since early high school, Corey Karels got his first taste of LARPs with the now-defunct STAGE. He most often plays vampires in White Wolf's World of Darkness setting, and prefers fringe characters, Clans and groups that operate outside of the bounds of normal, or at least what passes for normal in the World of Darkness. His characters also often function as antagonists toward the majority of the PCs.

Corey is an active player in the Obsidian Towers game, and is also the assistant storyteller to The Chronicle of the Common Man LARP.

Currently, for Obsidian Towers, he is trying a new style of character, someone who works with the system, rather than outside of or against it, and who is not antagonistic toward the other characters. The result is Maxwell Worthington III.

Maxwell Worthington III is a good guy, for a vampire. He has an idealized vision of the vampire's condition, and believes that undead and mortals can live together and be the better for it. He is an optimist who wants to "build a better tomorrow," from the shadows of the World of Darkness.


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