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Playboy Playmates hunt ghosts in new series 'Pretty Paranormal'

A new paranormal reality series called "Pretty Paranormal" is currently in production. According to a teaser trailer that debuted on Youtube on Tuesday, the show will follow five Playboy Playmates as they investigate various haunted locations.

Playboy Playmates investigate claims of paranormal activity
Photos courtesy of Harlan Freedman

Watch the "Pretty Paranormal" teaser trailer

"Pretty Paranormal" is currently in early stages of production. Producers of the show have created a crowd-funding page on the website IndieGogo to generate funding for the production costs.

Five Playboy Playmates that have an interest in the paranormal have joined together to explore some of the country's most haunted places. Irina Voronina, Pilar Lastra, Angel Boris, Tina Jordan, and Heather Rene Smith will investigate claims of the paranormal and won't forget to have a good time while doing it.

A few teaser trailers are on Youtube for the upcoming web series. The girls seem very excited about the show and have quite a few things to say about it.

"I have a lot of talent and special skills for ghost hunting. I'm not scared of anything," Voronina said.

"Playmates make great ghost chasers especially if the ghost is a male," Lastra said.

"I think what makes us different is we're unexpected, we're wild, we're outrageous, but we're there to really seek out the truth," Boris said.

"I ghost hunt because I want to prove to people that ghosts are real and they will stop crazy or nuts," Jordan said.

Irina Vororina was Playmate for the month of January in 2001. Pilar Lastra was Playmate for the month of August in 2004. Angel Boris was Playmate for the month of July in 1996. Tina Jordan was Playmate for the month of March in 2002. Heather Rene Smith was Playmate for the month of February in 2007.

"I've had great success selling ideas to TV networks and studios. But I've always promised myself that when I get that one big idea, that one, super-cool TV show concept, I would find a way to make it myself with my cast mates. It would be a great way to include friends of Playmates and believers in the paranormal to make an epic product we could all be proud of and that’s what we are about to do," producer Harlan Freedman said about the series.

The producers of "Pretty Paranormal" are seeking $200,000 for production costs. For updates and to become part of the team, go to the IndieGoGo page and make a contribution.

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