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Playa Vista sports park, great for toddlers

Safety is key at Playa Vista park.
Safety is key at Playa Vista park.
Emily S.

The Playa Vista sports park, which is also known for having a Shane's Inspiration playground, is a great pick if you have little ones. On the corner of Playa Vista Dr. and Bluff Creek Dr., in Playa Vista, Ca, lies 7 acres of recreation. Among that space is a safe, fun playground for young children of all physical and mental levels.

The playground itself is gated for your children's protection. It also features a private security guard during open hours, which is usually the hours of sunlight. Adding to the protection factor, you find soft spongy material as a floor to enhancing the cushion when children fall. Signs all over clearly state that children must be with adults, and adults must be with children. This is to help reduce the number of child predators, and a great comfort to most parents.

Shane's Inspiration playgrounds set this one up to allow handicapped children to play side by side with able bodied peers. This was intended to help bring about the peace that all children are special and deserve the same treatment. You will find large seat swings with backs and safety chains, a ramp leading to the equipments, and lots of low to the ground activities.

As far as the younger toddlers go, most areas of the playground equipment are safe, though preschoolers should always be watched. There are a few holes which might cause a threat, but nothing is too high and parents can easily access their children if need be. Your kids will find musical creativity, be able to explore their imagination, and have a great time with all their new friends as they wander through this wonderful hidden gem in West LA.


  • Beverly O'Neal, South Bay Parenting Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article! This makes me nostalgic -- I brought my toddler there all the time when we lived in West LA. Definitely safer (and more fun) than the typical playground.