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Play the classic game of Super Mario

Super Mario Flash 2 Images
Super Mario Flash 2 Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Relive the classic game of Super Mario with Super Mario Flash 2. Play as Mario, running and jumping over goombas and shells. After you beat the game, you have the opportunity to use the level editor to create your own levels.

Gameplay: This game plays just like the original Super Mario games from Nintendo. You start the level with Mario at the beginning of the course, and you have to make it to the end. Along the way, you encounter the same kind of enemies, such as goombas, mushrooms, plants, and fish. In the first level, you encounter a new enemy, a football player. He follows you, so you have to stomp on him a few times to defeat him. Yoshi makes his way onto the scene too, and you really have fun with him when you use his tongue to swallow enemies. Halfway through each level, you find two vertical bars; this is where you could start off if you die beyond that point. In the second level, you encounter a spinning wheel, and it's tricky to make it to the next platform. Flaming Mario also makes a returns in the second level; he comes in handy when there are so many enemies. The second level is extremely tough; there is water under the whole level, and you have to jump from platform to platform to avoid the fish and spikes in the water. In the third level, you find the classic swinging spikes and the flying flames. The rest of the levels look and play pretty much like the original Super Mario games.

Graphics: The levels look nice for a flash game. The sprites of the enemies look nicely pix-elated, and the colors fit well together with the backgrounds. Yoshi looks the same, with the same green color and pink tongue. The fire really stands outs from the brick background.

Controls: To move Mario and Yoshi, you use the arrow keys. Pressing the up arrow will make Mario and Yoshi jump. When you are riding with Yoshi, the space key will allow Yoshi to use his tongue. Whenever you have one of Mario's special powers, the space key will make Mario use it.

Game Mechanics: Mario moves okay, but there are times when he moves too fast and can't avoid the enemies. The enemies are pretty tough, especially the football player. Some of the enemies appear too fast, and are hard to avoid. The fish are placed well in the second level, and present an intriguing challenge. The blocks in the castle come down fast, and could be slowed down.

Relive the classic game of Super Mario Brothers by playing Super Mario Flash 2. Run, jump, and use your special powers to defeat your enemies. This game plays exactly like the classic games, and you could have a lot of fun trying to complete all the levels. The only aspect of the game that is hard is trying to avoid some of the enemies. If Mario moved a little bit slower, then avoiding some of the enemies would be easier. Other then this small aspect, the game is fun and challenging to play.

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