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Play it sweet with Aerin Rose Balm lipstick

Aerin lipstick to be pretty in pink

Always sweet and pretty in pink! Look out now in the lipstick department for Aerin's beautiful rose balm infused lip balm sticks.

A well-protective lip balm stick that protects your pout like a flower protects its petals, it is a pretty new type of lipstick that will encase the mouth in a nice rounded pout and always hold color deeply inside.

Now for your choosing, a variety of double-toned colors and two special three-toned colors (coral sand and geranium).

To style your fashion around the Aerin palette, try new jeans to go with the balm texture and rich cotton colors too. In addition, try out leather bags and shoes from places like J. Crew and Aerin. If you haven't noticed, check out Bloomingdale's for Aerin's new shoe collection.

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