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Play as your favorite Star Wars characters on your quest to find a lost droid

Star Wars Game Images
Star Wars Game Images
Paul Iuzzolino

R2-D2 has gotten lost in the universe, and it's up to you to locate him. You have to travel though many areas and battle fierce enemies of the evil empire to find R2-D2 or of the rebel alliance. You have the option of choosing four of the best Jedi masters or sith apprentices in the universe; so choose your character, and begin your quest to retrieve the beloved R2-D2.

After the game loads, you are brought to the character selection screen; your two choices are Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress. There are two other characters that can be unlocked as you play the game. Anakin and Asajj have different profiles with different skills, so they perform differently in the game. Once you have chosen your character, you are brought to the mission selection screen. The layout of this screen is very nice. You can easily see each mission and the mission objectives when you click on the mission. The game plays really smoothly; the character moves and attacks in nice and fluent motions. Throughout each level, there are a lot of destructible objects around that contain crystals. The first mission is really enjoyable and can be completed pretty easily.
The second mission is also pretty cool; you have to take out all the droids. The second mission has tough obstacles; you have to jump over fast moving light beams. In the third mission, you have to find and repair a generator. The rest of the missions are really interesting. The missions are different when playing with all the characters. When playing missions with Asajj Ventress, you are at an advantage because you have two light sabers.

Game Mechanics:
Anakin's lightsaber is really fun to use and does nice damage against the droids. Also, if you use the forward arrow key twice and the x key you can perform a dash attack. A force attack can be used as well to destroy the droids. The one defense you have that is very useful is being able to block the droid's blaster shots and send them back to the droids. Asajj can take out droids faster because she has two lightsabers. When playing as Asajj, you are destroying star fleet fighters instead of droids. All of the enemies move good in this game, and shoot out blaster shots in an even flow.


The crystals in the first mission have a nice shininess to them with bright yellows and reds. The space station has nice colors to it, with gray colors for the floors and walls. You can see the bright lights on the doors that rise up. Outside the windows, you see the other stars. The lightsabers look just like other lightsabers from other star wars games.

The arrow keys work great to control your chosen character. The z key used to make the character jump work well when trying to reach certain platforms. The x key used to attack your enemies works perfectly in combination with using the forward arrow to do a dash attack. The best attack to use is the force attack by pressing the z and c keys.

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