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Plastic trees? NIMBY, but at your local supermarket

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With spring upon us, readers will rejoice at the chance to wander amongst Connecticut's pastoral riverbanks and tranquil woods.

In Milford, just an hour south of Hartford, we are blessed with gorgeous beaches, enviable birdwatching opportunities, and postcard-worthy historic buildings. What we also have, unfortunately, are trees sporting plastic hats.

At the local Stop n' Shop, the problem is so bad that the plastic obscures otherwise lovely views of the river that skirts behind the store on East Town Road. Yet, the problem is not just limited to Stop 'n Shop's surrounding trees, but to many trees in town. In winter, you just won't see the plastic because they're covered with snow.

Plastic is bad because it does not degrade. These bags end up being ingested by fish in the ocean, and/or pulverized into small bits forever to swirl in the Pacific Gyre.

So this spring, do yourself a favor when you shop: bring your reusable bag. They are sold at Stop 'n Shop, Whole Foods, Elm City Market in New Haven, and other supermarkets throughout the state. Even when you think you're in a rush, you have 10 minutes to grab your reusable bag from the pantry, don't you?

Remember, bringing your own bag will help offset the damage you and your family are doing to the planet just by being on this earth.

And don't just stop there, but think about limiting the amount of trips to the market in your vehicle. What a fabulous time to dust off that bicycle or invest in a new one.

Spring is upon us: let us keep seeing not only the forest from the trees, but the trees themselves.