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Plastic surgery makes Colorado girl Heidi Montag even sexier!

The new and improved Heidi Montag
The new and improved Heidi Montag
People Magazine

Surely you’ve seen this week’s cover of People magazine and Heidi Montag’s stunning face looking back at you. If you didn’t actually purchase the magazine then you probably at least skimmed through the pages to see Heidi’s before and after pictures, and to read about her decision to have ten different surgical procedures performed all during one lengthy visit with her plastic surgeon. Were you like the majority of us when you looked at her 'before' picture and asked yourself… why?

Choosing to have plastic surgery is certainly not an uncommon thing, and the number of procedures performed each year in the United States continues to increase. However, the decision to go under the knife for more than ten hours is no doubt somewhat questionable. And the decision to have procedures done before they were even needed, definitely makes one wonder why would anyone want to put themselves through all that, when in reality, there was never any need.

For those of you not familiar with Heidi Montag, she was made famous by appearing for several seasons on the MTV reality show, The Hills. Unquestionably, Heidi is a beautiful young woman the emphasis being put on young, for the self proclaimed 'cosmetic surgery addict' is barely 23 years old. Though Heidi strived to look sexier, and in an industry that is undeniably fixated on sex and looking perfect, she felt she had to make some slight modifications to her looks in order to compete with the swarms of beautiful women in Hollywood.

But before we cast judgment on her for her decision to accentuate her beauty, we must first understand why she did it. She grew up in Crested Butte, Colorado, where her enviable good looks seemed to be acceptable until she decided to move to Hollywood and become a star. After arriving in Los Angles she found that her above average looks not only wern't good enough, but she was actually made fun of for not being perfect. Heidi’s decision to have plastic surgery stemmed from years of ridicule from fans of the show and from the media. She spent hours in surgery and weeks of recovery all in her attempt to create a new sexier and more accepted Heidi.

So I pose the question - does the new upgraded version of Heidi look better, or was she a natural stunner before and needed no improvement? Unquestionably her beauty is a bit more dramatic after the recent procedures, but certainly that Colorado ‘girl next door’ look can still be found if you look hard enough.

The question in my mind remains... is she really more sexy? Has she truly become the ‘Norwegian Goddess’ she set out to create? Were the weeks of painful recovery worth it? Is Heidi more beautiful now and is she truly sexier?

We can only hope that this rising star and self proclaimed plastic surgery obsessed young woman will stop while she’s ahead and end her quest to continue to modify her looks. Admittedly, our outer appearances are important especially in certain industries. But no amount of outer alterations can change how we feel on the inside and ultimately a woman’s true beauty comes from within.


  • Patti 5 years ago

    I'm not opposed to plastic surgery altogether,in the right instance, but this is just another sad message from Hollywood that proliferates the impossible standard that women everywhere have been subjected to for years. My only hope is that young women will look to actresses like Meryl Streep, or Diane Keaton as role models - strong, powerful, self-assured, successful women who didn't have to buy into the 'Barbie doll' image to make it in Hollywood. Yes Karen - a woman's true beauty comes from within and with wisdom and age a woman becomes more beautiful and desirable naturally! If only these 20 somethings would work on their inner beauty before dropping 30 grand at the plastic surgeon's! There's a reason why I meet more and more men under the age of 30 who prefer to date women over 35, and even over 45! Take care of yourself inside and out and you can be beautiful at any age! Let's stop the madness!

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