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Plastic surgery makes Colorado girl Heidi Montag even sexier!



  • Patti 6 years ago

    I'm not opposed to plastic surgery altogether,in the right instance, but this is just another sad message from Hollywood that proliferates the impossible standard that women everywhere have been subjected to for years. My only hope is that young women will look to actresses like Meryl Streep, or Diane Keaton as role models - strong, powerful, self-assured, successful women who didn't have to buy into the 'Barbie doll' image to make it in Hollywood. Yes Karen - a woman's true beauty comes from within and with wisdom and age a woman becomes more beautiful and desirable naturally! If only these 20 somethings would work on their inner beauty before dropping 30 grand at the plastic surgeon's! There's a reason why I meet more and more men under the age of 30 who prefer to date women over 35, and even over 45! Take care of yourself inside and out and you can be beautiful at any age! Let's stop the madness!

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