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Plastic surgery good or bad: an overview

Plastic surgery before after
Plastic surgery before after
Plastic surgery good or bad

Plastic surgery is not as fearful or rare a process as it was a decade ago. Newer technologies and advanced tools have made it possible for cosmetic surgeons to carry out the highly delicate surgical procedures with more confidence and mitigated risk factors. However, the moot question “Is plastic surgery good or bad?” that is as relevant today as it was a few years ago, still does not have a definite answer.

To find out how important plastic surgery is in today’s times, it is important to find out why do men and women feel the need to surgically enhance their looks in the first place.

Do You Fit Within the Conventional Definition of Beauty?

Beauty is being increasingly seen as the singular definition of a person. The aspiration to reach the highest levels of physical perfection is on the increase, especially with the range of options available in cosmetic surgery. You are expected to look a certain way and if you are the odd man or woman out, you will not be able to find social acceptance easily, pushing you to believe that if you do not look a certain way, you are not regarded as attractive.

Some see the boom in cosmetic surgery as a result of the easy availability of new, more sophisticated procedures, safer anesthetics, and the desire for self-improvement. Others believe it is the outcome of a narcissistic culture with its craving for instant gratification, youth, and perfection. The fear of aging can drive some individuals to try anything to stem and reverse the process.

Good or Bad: Depends on Why You Need It

Plastic surgery cannot be defined as good, but then it cannot be firmly derided as bad too. After all, wishing to have a youthful looking skin or a younger face is no crime. It can be good for those who have cosmetic issues caused at birth or due to an accident. For such individuals, plastic surgery is indeed a boon that helps them get back their good looks.

Are You Willing to Risk Plastic Surgery for Purely Vanity Reasons?

For those who want to go under the knife to make their nose look more regal, their lips plumper, or want cheek bones raised higher, the choice is best left to their individual discretion. Many women and men go for plastic surgery to get rid of their wrinkles and other visible signs of aging on their facial skin. The decision could prove to be cosmetically fatal, as it has been proved many times.

Many Women are Now Using Safer Options

Face lifts, skin tightening, and facial injections are all cosmetic repair processes that come with an element of risk. Side effects may manifest in one form or the other in a few individuals. Those, who are planning to go in for plastic surgery merely to reverse the process of aging, can surely use more safer options now available on the market.

There are scientifically-advanced skin care formulations now available, such as Hydroxatone AM PM anti-wrinkle complex, which can visually reduce the appearance of aging lines within weeks. Why go for expensive, painful, and risky processes when safer and affordable options are available which one can carry out in the privacy and convenience of one’s home.