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Plastic surgery in Costa Rica

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Have you heard about the current trend of traveling abroad for plastic surgery? With the high cost of surgery in developed nations, the popularity of traveling to Costa Rica for plastic surgery is growing.

Years ago, I took a singles cruise, where I met a woman friend from Key West. She was quite well to do, and well connected with other wealthy women in Key West. She introduced me to the concept of traveling to Costa Rica for plastic surgery. I was rather amazed to learn about this, and also that just recently, she decided to take the plunge and head for Costa Rica

There is a wealth of information on the Internet about the doctors credentials, the procedures, the cost, personal safety concerns, and most of all, the quality of the surgical results.  My friend chose the best surgeon, according to other friends she knew who had already made the trip to Costa Rica.

Next step she took was to take photo's and submit them to the doctors office for a review, and estimate. All of her correspondence with the doctors office took place via email. The doctor suggested an endoscopic brow lift, a face lift, and a neck lift. The total cost of all three procedures was $5000, which included all doctors visits, hospital stay, surgical fee, and anesthesia. There were no communication problems, as his office staff spoke English, so it was easy to communicate and finalize the travel plans.

There are local surgical retreats in San Juan, Costa Rica, and they do a fine job of taking care of you. She was picked up at the airport, transported  to each doctor's appointment, and  to the hospital for the surgery procedure. The hospital was brand new, with large, clean, beautiful rooms. Her only issue with the hospital was that at times, a staff member would come in and would not be able to speak English well enough, and then would have to request someone else to come in to understand what she needed. But, all in all, this was a minor issue, and she felt well cared for, both at the surgical retreat, at the hospital, and by the doctor.

The surgery went well, and after an overnight stay, she returned to the retreat. The nurse on staff was waiting for her, as she stepped out of the van. The nurses at the retreat took good care of her during the recovery process.  Never having had plastic surgery, the discomfort and swelling that are typical of these procedures were more than she expected.   The results were wonderful, despite the recovery process. 

So, if you are considering Costa Rica, two thumbs up from my perspective!   You must have an adventurous spirit to travel abroad, but you can also enjoy a vacation in the beautiful rainforests and beaches of pristine Costa Rica. 

For the residents of Fort Collins, Costa Rica is easily accessible via Denver International Airport.  Frontier Airlines offers a direct flight for most months of the year, and the cost is quite reasonable. 

For personal consulting services for plastic surgery,  you can contact MBAR, in Loveland Colorado at 970.663.1735.  MBAR offers consultative and planning services for a reasonable hourly fee.


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