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Plastic surgeon dad gives both daughters breast implants

Imagine having a plastic surgeon for a dad? A lot of people might not even dream of having their dad perform surgery on them -- especially when it comes to something like a breast augmentation -- even if he was a doctor. However, one dad in California performed surgery on both of his daughters who wanted larger breasts.

Brittani and Charm both got breast implants when they turned 18 and their dad, Dr. Michael Niccole, performed the surgeries. Naturally there is a lot of backlash and people simply don't understand why a father would condone such a thing, never mind perform the actual surgery!

While many people think it's "weird" and "gross" that the girls had their dad perform the breast augmentation surgeries, the girls don't feel odd in any way. Both girls say that they trust their dad and that they wouldn't change their decision despite what the public has to say.

More on this story in the video above.

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