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Plastic Easter egg learning games for preschoolers

Sound eggs provide a fun listening, and sometimes even musical, activity.
Sound eggs provide a fun listening, and sometimes even musical, activity.
Jillian Shafer

If you've been in a Target, Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree lately, it's likely that you've passed by a few dozen bags of the brightly colored, seasonal Easter eggs.  Instead of passing them by next time, pick up a pack and get ready to create some learning games for your tot.

For a sensory experience, try creating some sound eggs.  Grab an even number of eggs and a few handfuls of dry food or objects from around the house.  Dry rice, large lima beans, big pasta, marbles, keys or bells work great.  Fill two eggs with the same object, snap the egg shut and run a bead of hot glue around the edge, making it toddler-proof.  Once you've created a set of eggs, sit with your little one in a quiet room and work through matching up the eggs, based on which two make the same sound.  Careful listening skills and keen observation will keep your tiny learner engaged as she matches the eggs.

Looking for some letter practice?  To practice upper and lower case letters, grab a few eggs (or, twenty-six if you want to do the whole alphabet!) and a permanent marker.  On one half of the marker, write a capital letter.  On the other half, write the same letter in lowercase, as well as a few other lower case letters.  The child's work is to slide the egg so that the uppercase letter lines up and matches the lowercase letter.  For an added bonus, hide a tiny object inside the egg, one that matches the letter!

Or, for a fun, but messy, afternoon activity, fill a pie pan with some watered-down white glue.  Fill another pie pan or shallow dish with glitter, every toddler's favorite material!  Show your tot how to roll the plastic egg first in the glue and then around in the glitter.  Allow your sparkly creations to dry and then display in a festive bowl.  They are sure to be the perfect centerpiece on your Easter table this year!

So, fill your cart with some eggs and get to playing!

Looking to take your tot to a live Easter egg hunt?  Check out Long Beach's Press-Telegram for a list of featured events, such as local egg hunts. 


  • Cheryl 5 years ago

    I love your ideas. I don't think I'm brave enough to try the glitter suggestion though. My twin girls are pretty messy-ha. I always look forward to your suggestions. Keep writing!

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