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Plants being close together

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 10: A Bee feeds on the nectar from Bluebells growing in Primrose Hill in London
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Introducing a plant species to the landscape and wonder if, too many have been bought or better yet are they planted to close together.

Most plant life will accommodate to the space and environment given. If planted close to another of the same species or even of another plant source. It will grow according to the area allotted. It space limitations will hinder it possibilities in growing into a larger plant. However, it will grow and blend in with other plant life. There is a benefit in some way to the other plants grown for design. The collaboration of the root system with the other plants (depending on the plant) help make a way in the soil easier broken up for the new plants. (This is not always the case with all plants some plants root system will be invasive). They are able to converge and give distinctive properties to each other that may be needed. In other ways they, too can be a shelter to another plant life and revive it ability to be at its best.

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