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Planting season in full swing

Planting season is in full swing. Hopefully, your back yard has been tilled, seeds planted and watch it all grow. Macomb has seen a few showers lately and that is promising for those who have planted gardens. Otherwise, time to get the water hose or sprinkler to help the garden along the way. At times it is hard to tell when to plant because it can warm one week and cold the next. However, since the weather has been pretty warm and steady for about 3 weeks or so, many people have been able to get their gardens going.

The challenge with any garden is waiting and weeding. It is rewarding to see those little sprouts defeat the odds of rabbits, raccons, pests, hot sun and a variety of birds. Once those little sprouts push themselves though the soil, a relative count down can begin. Pretty soon, family and friends can enjoy the harvest or bounty.

As with any gardening, precautions are necessary such as watching for bees, thorns, wearing a good sun hat, putting on the sun block and knee pads. Knee pads are required for those who want to take their time to pull weeds and avoid back injuries.

Gardening and enjoying the outside greenery is so relaxing. Some people prefer to grow veggies in buckets or on their terraces. Whatever options one choose really doesnt matter. Just get started because gardening is relaxing, rewarding and a true joy.

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