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Planting lifestyles and front range thinking

In investments, politics, media and advertising it is easy to be a little too close to the action to be objective. Along the Front Range the Ministry of Leadership and Communications has been a diverse group of leaders who come from entrepreneurial; business; journalism and even music, and pastoral leadership. So when Mission Coffee Roasters opened a couple of months ago in Colorado Springs, MLC began pouring shots and looking out at the Front Range while brain steering a new idea a week to bring community together. "What has happened is that the Front Range Community group has brought to the table 26 of 52 new ideas and projects that focus on much more than the Front Range. "We've expanded in reaching the New York City metropolitan area with new media platforms; church planting and coffee house communities," said the group leader. At the midpoint of the new year and the third quarter of the fiscal year the focal points have been encouraging:

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Evangelism: From Ancient Paths House Church Network in Denver and Colorado Springs and planting churches with Word and Spirit, MLC is continuing to find new places to worship and to bring community together. In mid-June the annual inner city missions team will be working in the Globeville and Capitol Hill Neighborhoods in Denver. An editorial and media campaign to start ministries to rescue people involved in Human Trafficking in areas of NY City is in the works as well as other ministries that MLC is partnering with.

Special Needs Ministry: A guide was published and two new Friendship Fellowships were started with plans to expand to Canyon City and Centennial, with exploratory ideas to begin in Brooklyn and Suffolk County, NY. The guide is part of the digital publishing group that is beginning training sessions for people to volunteer and develop special needs pastors for Friendship Fellowship.

A new media that feeds a hungry culture: MLC is partnering with content providers to being a new platform to market. Vantage Point: World Media Christian Approach brings people the message, the mission and the music starting with New York City. A group of producers, hosts, musicians and publications are building the platform with an internet media group. VP-WMCA has also started an advertising firm who will rival Madison Avenue firms with Likewise. A new digital publishing group that was started by MLC is Triology3: Reads, Listens and Views. "Impacting media is still about great journalism; web presence- social media; great music; Audio, Video, Books, and Cinema. It is the devices that people consume on that makes the difference and that's why the platform needs to be inclusive." This is according to one of the media leaders who networks with MLC. and Clarity media takes a passive role by publishing the Monday Denver Evangelical Examiner; Tuesday, Denver Special Needs Examiner, Wednesday, Denver Media and Culture Examiner; Thursday's The National Prayer Examiner and Friday's The Front Range Examiner. Melting Pot- World Music Christian Approach is the music publishing downloadable site that is on demand and broadcasted on internet radio. There is an art gallery that is part of the musical feed. The music is diverse and original with traditional aspects in the mix and it comes from NY City area churches and neighborhoods, with all kinds of ethnic backgrounds. "Maybe it should be branded as World Music Christian Attitudes," joked one of the leaders.

Prayer and Praise: Prayer point is a regular column, and activity of prayer in the planning process as well as devotional material such as "The Daily Balance." The main thing is that the groups gather every Thursday at Mission Coffee Roasters and in various place in other cities. An e-mail set up by MLC takes prayer requests from readers, listeners and viewers.

FREX community building: The fifth point is community building and community impact. "It really is more Front Range thinking and that we start here along the Front Range by getting leaders involved within their neighborhoods. It's more like coming up with the right questions and the right situations to work real community into people's lifestyles. "If you remember FREX was the bus that ran along the Front Range- Front Range Express, gave commuters more planning and work time, reading time and allowed for networking on the bus. That is what we are doing with our coffeehouses planted in churches and communities, an informal place to hang out with the purpose of community gatherings. The idea is to have the church be the community center in neighborhoods, leading studies, relationship building and outreach as well as a place where original music, content and outreach is planned to what the culture has termed "the least of these."

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