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Plant, water, fertilize now

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The weather of El Paso, TX does not match up to the rest of the country with regards to the weather with the snow and cold weather.

The temperatures in El Paso, TX have caused the birds to come out, the bee’s, the butterflies and even the blossom on the plum tree’s to show their cherry blossom‘s. The ground has softened and warmed up to the point that there are sprouts springing up on the branches, stems and tree‘s.

The time to plant, fertilize and water now would be helping what the plants are showing forth at this time. However, when planting leave those tender plants for actual springtime a couple of more weeks out. In the meantime, the more vigorous, sturdy plants can be placed in the ground. To water now would be ideal to continue to stimulate those roots for new growth, leaving the heavy watering for later. Fertilize now is a pre-spring preparation to support what the root system is doing at this time. The weather sending off warmer days will incorporate all the effort put forth.

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