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Plant of the week: Azaleas


                   Azaleas are easy to grow in partial sun.

Suffolk University

One of best ways to kick spring into high gear is by getting out your gardening tools. When the weather gets warmer and you just want to be outside, there’s nothing better than getting your hands a little dirty with potting soil. Azaleas are one of the most popular spring flowers. Their resilient nature makes them ideal for amateur gardeners as well as those just looking for something beautiful yet easy to plant.

The azalea has been referred to in Chinese poetry as far back as a thousand years ago. Certain species of the azalea have been documented as far back as 50 million years ago. Discovered in fossils, azaleas are thought to have survived some of the world’s greatest disasters that even legendary creatures, such as dinosaurs, couldn’t outlast. Today, azaleas are highly regarded by gardeners across the world. While they’re primarily a spring flower, they can survive harsh winters with the right care and last well over one season. Whether you’re looking to plant your first azalea or your tenth, you’ll be happy with the lush color and beauty it brings to your garden.

Azalea Q&A

1. Where should I plant my azaleas in my yard?

Whether you intend to plant them in the garden or somewhere on your lawn, azaleas should only be planted in partial sun. If they’re in a spot where they have to endure the midday sun for an extended period of time, they are prone to withering.

2. What type of soil should I plant my azaleas in?

Well drained soil is best for azaleas. Try to keep the pH level around at least 5.5 for your azalea to grow the healthiest. Keep the soil moist by watering 1-2 times a week as necessary during dry spells in the spring and summer.

3. How should I prune my azaleas?

Prune back your branches early in the spring season to encourage lush, new growth. Pruning later in the year is not necessary and may even stunt your azalea’s growth for the following season. For the best results, allow your azaleas to grow freely.

4. What type of pests and diseases are azaleas prone to?

For the most part, azaleas are resistant to pests and diseases. A mild insecticide or herbicide is all you’ll need to keep you azaleas happy throughout the season. Happy gardening!

      For more info: Check out this site for everything you need to know about azaleas!


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