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Plant mixed greens and enjoy delicious fresh salads this Spring.

The nurseries around Charlotte are stocking a variety of salad greens, chard, mixed greens and spinach. These food plants can take the temperature drops that occur around this time of year and recover quickly to grow decision salads for your table. Some varieties will even improved in taste after a slight chill. Plant several salad plants together, then harvest as individual leaves to encourage the plants to grow until early summer.

Your salad bowl can be an easy success if you remember the following tips:

  • Select a roomy planter, preferably with a water tank. I grow salad greens in my City Pickers planters each spring. Each container has a tank that captures rain and can be filled with water between rains. The plants grow more evenly because their water supply is constant. The newly transplanted greens will need to be watered regularly while their roots are growing long enough to reach into the water tank.
  • Use a lightweight potting soil to allow the roots to grow more easily. Container gardens are planted more closely than gardens in our native soil, and a lightweight potting soil can support the planting of many greens in a small space.
  • Add mycorrhizal fungi when planting your new plants or seeds. My favorite is Thrive soil drench contains both mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria. The fungi attaches to the young roots and encourages growth. I've done side by side tests with salad greens, and the salad seedlings watered with Thrive grew much faster and healthier.
  • Add fertilizer, and follow the direction on the package. I prefer to use an organic fertilizer, such as GardenTone.
  • Place the planter in the sunlight during Spring. The salad greens will grow better leaves in full sunlight during the cooler months.

The attached video provides step by step directions for planting a salad bowl for your yard. Try this project for an easy way to grow food for your table!

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