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Plant hosta in those shady places in your garden

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Hosta plants come in a range of size and color to suit any gardeners taste. The color palette of hosta is amazing with their many shades of green to almost blue, yellow and lime. The leaves show a solid color with some leaves having streaks of white, yellow, blue tint, dark and light green. The flowers of hosta plants come in white and lavender. There are variations of flower color with some being off white, light or dark lavender.

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The size of hostas varies greatly with some varieties like ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ only growing to a diminutive 8 inches. Blue Mouse Ears won the 2008 Hosta Grower’s Hosta of the Year award. The very large ‘Sum and Substance’ hosta can grow to a height of 36 inches with a spread of 60 inches.

Planting several different varieties in varying heights, shape and coloring will bring a bright spot to the garden that may not be suited for other more showy plants.

This is one plant that is easy to care for. Once established they need little water unless you live in a very dry area. This plant does not need fertilizer but does appreciate a mulch to keep other plants from growing into their space. Hostas can be dug and transplanted as the clumps get bigger preferably after they flower. Digging the whole plant and using a sharp knife to cut the clump into smaller plants is best. Do not leave the exposed root base out of the ground for too long. Hosta root systems need to stay hydrated so plan to transplant them immediately.