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Plant explosion: 9 hurt in Neb. animal feed plant explosion

Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha, Nebraska
Wikimedia Commons

A plant explosion in Omaha, Neb. has left at least nine people injured. On Jan. 20, ABC News reported that an explosion at an animal feed plant was followed by a partial structure collapse. Firefighters are searching through debris and rubble for anyone who might have gotten stuck. No fatalities have been reported by firefighters and they will not comment on the possibility at this time.

Family members of plant workers gathered outside of the area shortly after the explosion was reported this morning. Many of those who made it out alive have sent messages to loved ones saying that they fear their co-workers could be trapped inside.

The plant explosion occurred around 10 a.m. and fire officials have been working diligently ever since. So far, no more bodies have been reported and little has been reported about the nine people who were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. Plant officials declined to comment to The Associated Press but an update on the explosion and the condition of the workers should come sometime this afternoon.

So far there has not been any news on what might have caused the explosion.

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