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Plant daylilies in your spring cottage garden for a summer of beautiful color

Daylilies are often called the 'perfect perennial'
Daylilies are often called the 'perfect perennial'
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I love living in a cottage and all the charming features that includes, but one of its best parts has to be the cottage gardens. And although each cottage living season offers its own special activites, springtime has to be my favorite. I find true joy when the weather warms up out in my gardens cleaning, planting and creating.

I have always been very fond of daylilies and have planted them around my cottage in many different locations. They have been dubbed the ‘perfect perennial’ and for good reason. This hardy perennial grows just about anywhere, and in any soil condition. They are highly adaptable, multiply and spread on their own, yet are non-invasive. Virtually disease and pest-free they have few enemies. Daylilies can last for years in most garden situations and can survive even harsh winter climates well.

The name daylily, which means day-beauty, is appropriate since each bloom lasts only one day. But since each clump can produce an abundance of buds, they can continue to provide cheerful showy blooms for several weeks, and some all season long. The most common known daylily grows wild and typically has yellow blooms on tall lanky stalks. They can be found growing in clumps on slopes, in fields, and just about anywhere around neighborhoods. But beautiful new daylily hybrids and varieties are being developed annually. Today, daylily flowers come in a rainbow of colors, shades, and color combinations. Many are very full and round, while others have wide petals with ruffled edges and borders. Spider daylilies are so called because their petal length is four times its width; doubles have double the number of petals. There are re-bloomers and dwarf plants, flowers that are very fragrant while some have little or no scent. There is even a nocturnal variety that opens in the evening and remains open until the following evening.

When I recently visited my local greenhouse, I was delighted to see all the new colorful daylilies they had in stock. Like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to purchase a few of each variety. I finally settled on four different selections for a new garden area I was expanding since daylilies can be planted outside in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Although highly adaptable, picking the correct location is important, as most do best in full sun or part shade with at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight. To assure you get the right daylily for your area, it is beneficial to purchase your daylilies locally or from a nursery within your state. And since daylilies can be divided and shared, it might be fun to find a neighbor that shares your gardening passion!

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