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Plant a perpetual window salad garden

As the window garden salad is harvested, remember to re-seed it.
As the window garden salad is harvested, remember to re-seed it.
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Apartment dwellers often miss out on things like a salad fresh from the garden. Many don't realize that veggies and herbs can be grown easily indoors in a window. Fill a sunny window or two with indoor garden salad vegetables. Skip the drapes. The plants will liven up the home and clean the air as well as providing a continual fresh garden salad. Salad can grow all year in a window and makes a great natural curtain.

What you will need

To grow a window garden salad purchase pots and saucers in the largest size to fit the windowsill. The pot should be the height of about 1/3 of the window. Put a layer of small rocks on the bottom of each pot for drainage and aeration. Place pots on saucers in the window to catch water overflow. I use a mushroom compost as potting soil. Pesticides are unnecessary in an indoor window salad garden.

Seeds and seeding

Seeds for the window garden salad should be planted about two inches apart in the pots. Just poke a two inch deep hole with the index finger. The first batch of lettuce seeds should sprout in about ten days. I like to use different types of lettuce for my window garden salad. Spinach is also quite fast growing and very nutritious.

What can you grow in a window

It is possible to grow just about any small variety salad vegetable in a window garden. A large window will be needed for tomatoes and vine vegetables like cucumbers. I suggest cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers for the window salad garden. Green onions work out great in a window salad garden. I've even grown mini carrots this way.

Keeping it going

As the window garden salad is harvested, remember to re-seed it or start a new pot at least 10 days before harvest. This way the window garden salad is constantly replenishing itself. Just remember, pick then plant. Many salad garden vegetables grow very quickly. Most lettuces are fast growing, as are radishes and onions. The nice thing about onions is that they will replenish themselves as well.

Tomato perennials?

A lot of people don't realize that in warm climates, tomatoes are perennial salad vegetables. With proper care, they produce every year for several years like certain flowers. An indoor window salad garden is always warm so this will save money on buying plants or seeds every year. Herbs are a wonderful perennial salad garden addition as well.

Vine vegetables for the window salad garden will need something to climb on.

Use a small cage or trellis in the pot for this purpose. A small trellis for the pots in a window salad garden can be made by crossing bamboo sticks and lashing them together. Another way is to surround the plant with multiple bamboo sticks pointed inward to form a cage.

The window vegetable salad garden will need fresh soil from time to time.

Use the old soil as a compost base. Just dump it into a large plastic bin. Add some red wigglers (worms) and vegetable waste, coffee grounds and eggshells from the kitchen. Stir occasionally with a trowel and the worms will work the waste into rich dark soil. This means soil or compost will only have to be purchased twice and then recycled.


Perennial window salad garden vegetables and herbs will need to be re-potted when the soil is changed. It may be necessary to divide crowded plants into multiple pots. Consider giving the extra plants to friends and neighbors so they can start their own window salad garden.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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