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Plant a Magickal Herb Garden

Plant a magickal herb garden this Victoria Day.
Plant a magickal herb garden this Victoria Day.

With planting season just around the corner, now is the time to buy the seeds for a magickal herb garden. Herb gardens are a great way to experience the pleasure of watching plants grow under ones care without having to devote a lot of time, space or commitment.

Herbs as Medicines
Herbs have been used as medicines as well as seasonings throughout the ages. Before doctors, people visited the local healer for medicines, which were mostly made from botanicals. Much of western medicine is based on the healing properties of plants, but for the purpose of a magickal herb garden there are a few simple plants that can be grown.

How to use Magickal Herbs
Once harvested, fresh herbs can be used in recipes, put into an oil or vinegar or they can be dried. Dried herbs can be used in dream pillows, can be burned in ceremonies, added to ritual baths, or saved for wintertime when fresh herbs are hard to come by.

Magickal Properties of Herbs
Before deciding on the type of herbs to grow, consider the following list which outlines the types of magical properties or energies associated with various herbs (from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, Amaranth, 2000).

Basil - love, purification
Catnip - love, luck, attracts positive energy
Chamomile - love, removes negative energy
Dill - money, love, lust, protection (especially of children)
Fennel - protection, purification
Fenugreek - money, mental powers
Lavender - love, rest, peace
Mint - travel, money, prosperity
Mustard - fertility, money, protection, mental acuity
Parsley - purification, protection, lust, fertility
Sage - wisdom, prosperity, healing, longevity, money

Putting Positive Energy into the Herbs
When preparing the seeds, soil and pots for planting, be sure to think positive thoughts. This will infuse the materials with positive energy. Enjoy watching the seeds turn into beautiful little plants!



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