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Plans for waste-to-energy plant in Allentown move forward

Delta Thermo Energy, the company planning to building a waste-to-energy plant in Allentown, received approval for two necessary components that were critical in moving forward with the facility's development.

Allentown City Council signed a 35 year contract with Delta Thermo in March 2012. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) hosted a community meeting introducing the company, explaining the facility and open to the public to voice any concerns, in October. This is also where the state gathered most of its info on the permit and plan that were recently approved.

Delta's air quality control plan for their proposed incinerator received approval from the PA DEP, once they determined that the proposed plant would meet the regulatory requirements for operation. The state's review of the proposed emission and pollution controls determined it is slated to use the best technology available.

Additionally, the state approved the company's waste management permit at the same time. Pennsylvania is ensuring the area's population that the plant's site restrictions and operating requirements means that human health and the environment will be protected.

Approved together, both components are critical for the operation of the 48,000 square foot facility that is scheduled for construction along the Little Lehigh Creek.

With those approvals granted, Delta will start construction in 60-90 days, with the cost to complete the facility estimated at $49 million.

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