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Plans for 'The 4th Letter' include new faces and Indiegogo campaign (Photos)

On May 21, 2014, production coordinator Margaret Bishop and the film's writer and producer Richard Watts shared the latest about the upcoming film "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon."

Talent Arielle Watts and Austin Graham
Talent Arielle Watts and Austin Graham
Actors Arielle Watts and Austin Graham, Photo by Earle Kimel courtesy Richard Watts, used with permission
"The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon" in pre-production
Bill Boston, Photo courtesy Richard Watts, used with permission

Bishop and Watts, both out of Southwest Florida, take the time to credit a few of the many individuals who have come on board as part of the film's cast and crew. They also tell us about their future with Indiegogo.

Media relations is a strong asset with this film?

"Yes, as our project gains momentum we've reached a point where we need someone with the expertise to handle media relations... so we'd like to welcome Erik Krefeld from Naples, Fla. as our new media director.

Erik has worked in the entertainment industry in several different capacities including concert promoter, TV Producer and media relations. He's originally from Michigan, and he will be coordinating our PR campaign including social media and relations with the various tourist development groups." - Richard Watts

This new project is an exciting new indie film (on Facebook) currently being development in Naples. The area is a tropical town located on the Gulf of Mexico in SW Florida. It sounds like a perfect location to shoot the film.

The film is a period piece?

"Indeed. The film's story is based on certain aspects of the discoveries of the legendary Juan Ponce de Leon in the New World during the early 1500's." - Richard Watts

According to Watts, Erik Krefeld thinks the project has the right combination of elements to appeal to a wide audience. Krefeld and his group are anxious to meet the actors, crew members, and everyone else involved in the project.

Production coordinator Margaret Bishop says the film project will be launched to help raise funds. Indiegogo will help in what aspect of the film?

"In the near future we're going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to cultivate an audience and collect some funds to shoot a concept trailer. Until that campaign goes live you can get a preview of what's coming by clicking here: LaunchRock4thLetterFilm." - Margaret Bishop

I understand that a young actress and an artist have come on board. Who are they?

"One of the film's cast members includes Austin Graham. She isn't as famous yet as her 14th great grandfather Juan Ponce de Leon, but just give her some time. She is an actress and model who lives in Florida. Austin will be appearing in the film as Frangimiel Malgarejo, an architect who is restoring the old Church in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Talented Norm Krefeld is a Florida artist who enjoys painting wildlife, flora and historical characters. He's painted a portrait of an iconic cat, to be seen in film. He can also paint one for those interested in purchasing one." - "The 4th Letter"

What is the film's genre, and is there a tentative release date?

"Although aspects of the film are based on historical events, the film is a work of fiction. The anticipated release date is fall 2016." - Richard Watts

Thank you Richard Watts and Margaret Bishop for sharing the latest with your new film project. Thanks, too, for sharing some of the new faces who have come on board. Additional faces include Arielle Watts, Bill Boston, The Honey Creepers Band, Randy Hilderman, Dominique Krefeld, Zara Aramani, Val Kuffel, and more. Protocol Models on the Gulf is credited for representing some of the talent.

Learn more about the film and those who are part of it in the slideshow and at specfic websites. Don't miss the film's Props & Products Store on their website!

Photo Credit: Earle Kimel

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