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Plano's Hidden Jewel: Coast Global Seafood

Have you ever had a craving for seafood? Sure, most of us have. Acting on that craving, you've probably made a reservation and, just to make it more fun, you booked a table in a new restaurant. Maybe you heard, through the grapevine, that it was an incredible place, or maybe you chose randomly from a local restaurant search list that Google provided in about 0.09 seconds.

It doesn’t really matter because you and your dining partner or partners are now committed for the evening and are intent to make the best of it.

If the choice happens to be Coast Global Seafood then you are in for a treat. Colloquially speaking, this ain’t your Mom and Dad’s Seafood restaurant from yesteryear. To simply say that the view of the outdoor fountain centering the circular drive as you approach the valet stand is dazzling is inadequate. The dazzling view is even more spectacular at night when the colored lights illuminate the fountain in coordination with its aquatic dance. Let’s face it; a great restaurant excites more than just the palate. Atmosphere is almost as important to the experience as is the presentation and flavor of the food. Once inside Coast Global, you’ll find a contemporary, open space with maybe a hint of Asian inspiration. It is neither minimalist nor is it ostentatious in nature. It’s just a good, clean, balanced and eye catching design. Scanning the room you’ll spot tasteful light fixtures and wall mounted lithographs depicting undersea scenery.

On any given weekend night you’ll expect a short wait, even if you have reservations so have a drink at the bar and try to count the different colors of the wall display while listening to the live jazz music playing in the background. The classic Martini is ‘killer’ and almost as good as one you’d make yourself provided you really know your Martinis. No . . . that last statement was not quite fair to the bartender. It is an excellent Martini probably better than even the one you might make yourself and this fact would indicate that anything ordered at the bar would probably have the same quality. Most would agree but you can be the judge. Although the wine list has some highly rated names and vintages, it seems under par with respect to the menu and atmosphere.

Once you are seated at your table on a weekend night, expect to find a longer than normal wait for your server. This has been experienced on more than one occasion. In Coast’s defense though, the wait was only a few minutes longer than what most would normally expect; and the, great view, beautiful surroundings, and live Jazz helps to make people less aware of this fact.

Chef Joshua Perkins, who is a product of the Italian Culinary Institute in Italy had successful ventures in New York and Atlanta prior to landing a job with Culinaire as Coast Global Seafood’s Executive Chef. Chef Joshua’s experience in preparing delicious seafood is exemplified in the dishes that originate from his kitchen. Seafood lovers will especially recognize the freshness of the sea fare and all patrons will love his seemingly internationally inspired menu offerings. You don’t find this type of menu selection at a commercial restaurant chain but, if that’s what you want then there’s a Rojo Crustacean somewhere nearby. Chef Perkins’ contributions to Coast’s success are well known to the North Dallas community but a recent posting for an executive chef position at Coast Global Seafood have some speculating a potential change in the style and quality of the menu and food. Just how this pending new hire will be incorporated into Coast’s ranks and what that means for Chef Perkins remains to be seen. Hopefully, any change will only improve the already successful eatery. In any event, this bit of news is no reason not to enjoy this jewel of a restaurant hidden in the Shops of Legacy in Plano, Texas. I certainly will return very soon for another experience of this gem.

Find it:

7501 Lone Star Drive
Plano, TX 75024
(972) 265-4722

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