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One of the most common mistakes that young brides & grooms typically make is to under-plan their wedding day. Outdoor ceremonies are always so beautiful and meaningful.  Brides plan for a lifetime of walking down the aisle on the 18th hole at TPC Sugarloaf.  Or standing in front of a rainbow waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains.   

But oftentimes this dream day is spoiled because they fail to have a contingency plan for foul or inclement weather. I have seen so many wedding days ""washed out"" because everyone thinks of a beautiful outdoor wedding with the newly-mown grass, birds, flowers, etc.  But they rarely consider the thought of rain!

The best advice you will ever receive when planning an outdoor wedding is to have an indoor facility on hand in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Even a covered pavilion or reception tent will be a blessing if the skies open up with moisture.  Anxious grooms usually stay locked into the Weather Channel weeks before the ceremony.  But even the meteorology experts can't guarantee your wedding day. 

If I can give one word of advice from over 30 years of experience - it would be to plan for the worst and look for the best.  Don't let blue skies morph into wedding bell blues.  This is your day.  Plan it like you are a boy scout.  Be prepared!