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Planning your own Dora the Explorer children's birthday party

Dora the Explorer
Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Most children love Dora the Explorer. The perfect age group for a Dora party are children ages 2-5. You will want a few games to play with them so here are some great ideas for you.

A Dora the Explorer pinata is sure to be a hit at your party! The kids will love swinging with all their might and trying to get the candy out of the pinata. This one is simple. You just sit it up and let the kids swing away. Fill it with candy or small goodies they would enjoy receiving.

Pin the Boot on Boots
One of the best episodes of Dora the Explorer is when her friend Boots the monkey loses his boot. He is upset and they help him to find it. This game is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You will need a picture of Boots hanging on the wall. Cut his boot off so that he isn't wearing one. You will need to make a few copies of this boot for the kids to use for the game. Place some tape on the boot and blindfold the children. Spin them around in circles until they get a bit dizzy and then let them try to give boots his precious boot back.

Dora the Explorer Map Game
On a large piece of poster board make a picture just like map has on the show. You will put three places for the children to go on their adventure. Give each child a backpack with the items they will need inside of it. This also works as the party favor they get to take home with them. You will take them on an adventure around the room or even outside. You can build a mountain on the table or a small creek out of paper on the floor for them to cross. You will want to have the child get out their rope to get across the creek. Use your imagination and just think of what Dora does on the show. Make sure you have Swiper the Fox try to steal something from them. They will all scream, "Swiper No Swiping!" The kids will have a blast with this game!

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