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Planning your bathroom: Types of remodeling

Planning your bathroom - types of remodeling
Bathroom remodel with double vanity. Photo:
What type of remodeling are you planning for your bathroom? Yes, there are different types of remodeling to consider. Will you give your bathroom a makeover, a layout change, or an expansion?

A makeover is generally the least expensive of the three types. You can change the entire look of a room without making any structural changes. By bringing in new colors, patterns, and textures, you can make the room look larger or cozier. Or you can simply fix leaks, improve safety, or even increase storage in the bathroom. However, because you are not making any structural changes, you will not be able to actually make the room any larger.

A layout change usually involves demolition, reconstruction, and even mechanical work. A layout change in your bathroom is going to be more expensive than a simple makeover. Although the room dimensions will not change, you may be able to change the style or add space to the room by rearranging or eliminating fixtures.

An expansion is the best way to get a bigger bathroom. It is also the most expensive of the three types of bathroom remodels. However, it is a great way to make use of an adjacent closet or unused space that is next to the bathroom by taking down walls and making the bathroom larger. By expanding the bathroom, you may even be able to add more storage space.

There are three types of remodeling to consider when planning your bathroom. You can use each of these types of remodeling for virtually any living space and any type or size bathroom. What type of remodeling will you choose for your bathroom?


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