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Planning to start working for data entry jobs from home ?

Data entry job types
Data entry job types
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What is data entry ?
Data is the backbone of each and every organization, which is further employed in taking various decisions by the management. The data may include financial records of the customers, sales figures, medical history, revenue collection, etc; and to manage and curate this data on digital medium is the task undertaken by data entry operators. Data entry operators have the leverage to undertake data entry jobs from home; as it requires longer duration of man-hours to complete a data entry job.

Which sectors employ data entry operators ?
Data entry operators can work in a variety of sectors as data is of prime importance to each and every organization. Data entry jobs from home are available in the healthcare sector, where one is responsible for managing medical history of patients, prescriptions, and medical reports. One can also find suitable opportunities in banking and finance. Information technology and software development also outsource coding projects as data entry jobs from home, nevertheless such projects require the know-how of programming languages. E-commerce is one of the flourishing sectors where one can find a large volume of data entry jobs from home.

What are the essential skills?
Data entry jobs from home require a basic set of skills in; typing, MS-Office package and skills in programming, if you are looking at data entry jobs in Information technology and software development. Moreover, the skills that will come in handy entirely depends upon the nature of work. For instance, a project from healthcare industry will require familiarity with medical terms; which one can easily develop or acquire using the internet. Apart from that, efficient and error-free typing skill are the most important skills; irrespective of the sector your project is from.

On what basis data entry jobs from home are paid ?
The payment structure that data entry jobs from home follow is quite unique. One is paid on the basis of the number of keystrokes, number of pages submitted or the number of man-hours put into work. The structure is dependent upon the nature of the project. For example, if the project requires submission of 800 pages, and the payment for each page is Rs 3 then the monthly earnings go upto Rs.24000. The earning potential for these jobs, is mammoth as one can undertake a number of projects to keep the payments in the pipeline, creating a cycle of paychecks at regular intervals.

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