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Planning the ultimate family staycation your kids will never forget

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A staycation basically means taking a vacation but staying close to home. Many people choose do to this with the state of the economy. You can enjoy yourself right in your own backyard without spending a ton of money. One thing to remember is you are off work. Don't take work phone calls or emails. Treat your staycation the same way you would be if you were visiting Disney Land.

One thing that is fun to do on vacation is stay somewhere other than your own bed. To do this on a staycation, put up a tent in the backyard. You can all sleep outside under the stars. If the weather isn't nice enough for this, stay inside in your living room. Use a blow up mattress or make a huge pallet for you to all sleep together. The kids will think this is a blast!

Come up with several different activities to do on your staycation. Find out what there is to do in your area for free. Visit museums, parks, or splash pads. Go do whatever your area has that will not cost you a penny. You might find a new place you love to visit that you have never been before.

Go to a local store and rent a bunch of movies. You can also rent video games. Pick out movies and games you will enjoy doing together as family. You can also go to the local library. Here you can check out books and movies. You can even get books on CD if you would prefer to listen to a story together.

Treat yourself to eating out during your staycation. Order a pizza, get tacos to go, or go out to a nice dinner. Don't be afraid to eat in the middle of the floor on a blanket. Do things that are not normal for your family and enjoy yourself. Start a fire and make smores. Kids love this and you don't have to be camping to enjoy a good smore.

Don't set any alarms at all. Let everyone sleep as late as they want and stay up late. Enjoy the extra sleep and you will feel rested to do more things.

If you want to spend a little money, take the kids swimming or to the movies. You can always try putt putt or bowling. Find something cheap in your own town that you will all enjoy doing together.

Use your imagination and have a great time as a family! Try something new! Cook a new dish or try making pottery. Just enjoy your time as a family and make wonderful memories.

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