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Planning the Perfect Wine Tour

Have you been wanted to go wine tasting and have no idea where to start? Follow these tips below to plan the best personal wine tour for you.
1. Choose a specific region or area in which you would like to taste.
Unless there are few wineries, try to keep the area in which you are exploring relatively small to allow for more time in the winery and less time stuck in a car.
2. Ask your friends.
As wine becomes more and more popular, everyone seems to have strong opinions on which wineries to visit.
3. Talk to your local wine shop.
People who work in the wine industry are often tasting and visiting various wine regions.
4. Find out if some of your favorite wines have tasting rooms.
5. Visit wine region websites.
A lot of wine regions have websites to help you learn about specific regions and wineries. A few examples are:
6. Look at food and wine publications.
7. Get recommendations from other wineries.
Unlike some other industries, wineries are happy to refer you to other regional wineries.
8. If staying at a hotel, talk to your concierge.
In wine regions especially, concierges tend to be up to date on the best wineries and often the best deals.
7. Read local web blogs and articles.
I would love to hear about you wine adventures. What are some of the best wineries you have visited?

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