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Planning for weight loss success

Planning for weight loss success is your best options for healthy weight loss. A plan for success makes it easier to lose weight and to keep it off.

Be Realistic
You didn’t put on weight overnight, and you aren’t going to take it off that way. Forget about fad diets that limit what you can eat. Those only make it hard for you to avoid cravings. Instead, think about how much weight you want to lose. Then modify your eating habits and increase your level physical activity.

Talk to your Doctor
Talk to your doctor about weight loss. If you are gaining weight and can’t figure out why, you could have an underlying medical condition like a thyroid disorder. Get a checkup and discuss your weight loss plan with your doctor.

Plan Your Meals
A lack of planning when it comes to meals will hinder your weight loss efforts. Reaching for fast food or getting snacks from a vending machine is a major pitfall. Eat healthy meals at home and take your lunch to work. Keep healthy snacks available at home and in the office.

Get your body moving if you want to see weight loss results. Play sports, take walks and dance around your living room. Plan to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. You will experience weight loss success with consistent effort.

*Learn more healthy ways to lose weight from Dr. Oz on weight loss.

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