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Planning ahead lessens stress

Some Oklahomans are diligent planners. Others procrastinate not realizing the positives of planning ahead for fun activities, work deadlines and other life experiences. It is true there are some life experiences that cannot be planned, both negative and positive ones. These just-happen life events are usually unique, mostly circumstantial from poor decision making. Most Oklahomans agree that planning ahead can lessen one’s stress levels; are healthful advantages to planning.

In Oklahoma, many prefer to plan ahead; especially if it is an event like a family reunion. Many Oklahomans choose specific family members (possibly alternating annually) to be in charge of this type of fun family event. Family reunions usually occur in spring and summer depending upon the Oklahoma weather pattern for the year. These family events are known to be huge gatherings, for many members invited live in other states as well as Oklahoma. Large families are very common so having an excellent planner in charge of such an undertaking can deliver a very happy family reunion for all participants.

Planning for a specific fun activity with friends is a plus; prevents one from missing out. Many Oklahomans make certain their Basketball, Hockey, Football and other sports tickets are purchased early; some even purchase season tickets which ensure they do not miss any game throughout their favorite sport season. This is also true for music concerts, ballet or live theater events. There are Oklahomans who regularly check movie schedules because they love attending them with family and friends especially if it is the film’s first week showing at the movie theater.

In some cases generating a list is a plus. Lists come in handy when time managing reports, work deadlines, relocating to another place, plus traveling on a business trip. Being time management savvy assists with having the proper preparation time required; another form of planning ahead that lessens stress. Creating a list is a great way to prevent forgetting to do something, make arrangements by phone, or buy something required. Lists help avoid procrastinating necessary major decisions, leaving nothing to the last minute.

Stress can be unhealthful, contribute to chronic medical conditions. Those who refuse to plan are the one’s calling in ill, chronically biting their nails, rubbing their fingers stressfully through their hair, acting irritable toward others, giving excuses, or using avoidance techniques like seemingly hurried with no time to talk. Wisely planning ahead for work or other life events is healthful. The lack of bodily and mental stress delivered by employing planning is wonderful.

Life is too long for using an unhealthful practice like procrastination (per personal experience). Refusing to plan can also be irritating to others; many save their admiration for those who plan. Planning ahead can save one much worry, positively contribute to one’s overall health and happiness. Proper planning can mean the difference between attending something important or staying at home. Enjoy the day!

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