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Planning a Super Bowl party on a budget

Get ready for a great "budget friendly" Super Bowl party!
Get ready for a great "budget friendly" Super Bowl party!

The Super Bowl is a fun reason to get together as family and friends and cheer for your favorite team, eat good food, and even play games. It can get really pricey if you don't watch it and that can take all the fun right out of it. Here are some tips on planning a Super Bowl party on a budget so you can have a great time and stay on budget.

  • Shop the sales - Most stores have the most popular Super Bowl party food items on sale. They will vary every week, but keep your eyes open. You should be able to get some really great deals! Check to see if there are any coupons to go with the sales.
  • Make your own snacks, appetizers, and other food - Instead of buying cupcakes for $6 - make your own for about $2. This is just example of many that will help you save big bucks!
  • Ask others coming to the party to bring items - don't be shy about delegating the food and drink assignments. Most people are happy to help and appreciate you letting them do it.
  • Get creative - if you are wanting to make something but don't have the right ingredients, see what you DO have that you can use as a substitution.
  • Put the food that you have out in "rounds". If you put everything out at once, it will be gone by half time, and then everyone will wonder where more food is at. Divide it into four groups, and serve a fresh round of snacks and drinks with each quarter. This will keep everyone happy and you won't have to stress about running out!

You can also make your own decorations, and find a lot of cute free printables online (like on Pinterest).

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