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Planning a fantasy beach wedding

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

I have been planning a fantasy beach wedding since I was a very little girl. Feeling the sand between our toes and hearing the waves crash on the shore of the beach as we recite our vows just feels right to me. After the wedding, I'm planning a big luau wedding reception celebration on the beach with friends and family.

The beach is my favorite place in the universe and I can't imagine planning a wedding anywhere else. If you are also dreaming of planning a beach wedding, come along with me to fantasy island. Planning and fantasizing about a beach wedding can be almost as good as the real thing.

Planning a beach wedding should be simple. It's all about being close to mother nature so let's not be too elaborate in our wedding planning. Let's start with the wedding arch. It should be covered with tropical flowers and white flowing fabric. If planning is budget limited, the flowers could be artificial, as long as they are realistic.

The path leading up to the wedding arch is bordered on both sides by seashells. The sandy beach path will be sprinkled with red rose petals by the little flower girl. I'm planning on the flower girls being my three granddaughters and the ring bearer will be my grandson. My son will give me away and my daughters will be my maids of honor.

On each side of the path are chairs for the wedding guests. I'm planning on beach chairs that double for use by wedding guests later at the luau party. The whole wedding ceremony should be at the edge of the beach itself, since the bride and groom will be planning on running into the water hand in hand after the ceremony.

The bride and groom should be planning for this leap of faith by selecting beach friendly but elegant clothing. The bride could wear a swim suit with a flowing fabric sari and a floral headband braided into her hair. The groom could wear a traditional tux but with pants that are water safe. This way the shirt and jacket can be shed prior to jumping into the surf. Both the bride and groom should be barefoot so they can feel the sand between their toes.

Wedding guests should be dressed in beach ware so they can frolic in the water with the bride and groom after the vows. Beach balls scattered around the beach should accompany the guests. Waterproof disposable cameras are left on the chairs of wedding guests prior to the wedding ceremony. Pictures can be taken both in and out of the water.

A luau style buffet is set up on the beach and guests are provided with pails and shovels to make sandcastles for this fantasy wedding. The rest of the day is spent frolicking in the sand and sun. The party continues into the night at the beach campground. Guests have brought their own tents and food and the happy couple has a special tent decorated with more flowers and flowing fabric where they will spend their honeymoon week.



  • Maria Roth, KC Family Entertainment Examiner 5 years ago

    Sounds great. Will I be invited? ;)