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Planning a family community garden

Family members grow closer by working together.
Family members grow closer by working together.
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Next year's garden is about more than just the two of us. We have plans to invite the whole family to join us. With both the kids and grandkids getting older, it seems we spend less time bonding. So, next year, we plan to enlarge the garden to make room for everyone in the family, from the oldest to the youngest.

How do you divide up a family community garden?

We've given this a lot of thought and decided the grandkids could each care for a small area of their own. We'll let them choose the things they would like to plant. As for the adult family members, they can supervise the young ones while helping with the main garden. By giving the kids their own area to be responsible for, we feel we'll boost their enthusiasm.

What are the benefits of a family community garden?

The work is not all on one person's shoulders.

For the past couple years, the grandkids and I have been the main garden laborers. When I grew sick this summer, the grandkids came over less frequently. That meant the garden slowly succumbed to neglect. Yes, even avid gardeners like me have trouble going it alone. By having a family community garden next year, we'll have no such issue. If the arthritis flares, there will be plenty of people nursing the garden along.

Family members grow closer by working together.

I'm really looking forward to working alongside my kids and grandkids in our family community garden next season. We'll do some fall prep work together too. If anyone wants to benefit from this garden, they'll need to socialize with the rest of the family. What a great way to be sure my family spends time together.

The garden will feed more than just a couple people.

Naturally, the more people you have to work a garden, the bigger you can make it. We're pretty lucky for city dwellers. Our house sits on a good sized lot. There's more than enough room to plant a garden that will feed all 9 of us. That's me, my partner, my 3 kids and 4 grandkids. Of course, not everyone has that many people to feed.

A family community garden can be any size you want.

We're going all out with ours. That doesn't mean you have to. A family community garden can be a large plot or a few containers. It can hold all the vegetables you can think of or just the ones you like. It could even contain a plot for the less fortunate. I can't wait to plan and grow our family garden. We haven't told the whole family yet. Hopefully, they'll love the idea too.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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