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Planned Parenthood founder would reject unnecessary abortion; so would Dr. King

Margaret Sanger would not be in favor of abortions being associated with her controversial name.
Margaret Sanger would not be in favor of abortions being associated with her controversial name.

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger had a description for abortions that are performed in abortion clinics, “dangerous and vicious”. This is an example of how far off target the abortion advocates are.

One of the more “vicious” deceptions being perpetrated by abortion supporters is to link birth control to abortions in a veiled attempt to legitimize abortions as though you cannot have one without the other. This insidious smokescreen has become the platform of “reproductive rights” in the embattled Affordable Care Act in which abortion is linked to birth control preventative measures.

Planned Parent’s founder would be appalled at the moral depths sunk to in an effort to push abortion upon a resisting public, and make no mistake about it, the public still resists unrestricted abortions where the life of the mother is not in jeopardy.

Abortion is being used as birth control, an issue Sanger would clearly find detestable.

In another travesty towards the truth, Martin Luther King Jr. received the Margaret Sanger Award in 1966 for the advancement of contraceptive control in the black ghettos in an effort to manage large black families. This award was accepted as a result of birth control education and management. In no way would King give any support for practicing abortions as a form of birth control.

Under NO circumstance would Dr. King support such a broad reach around morality, our US Constitution, nor forsake his Christian doctrine in which he was a Baptist minister. An abortion for when a potential mother’s life is in jeopardy, yes; for the case of rape, perhaps; for a barbaric form of birth control, absolutely no.

There would be a high likelihood Dr. King would return his Margaret Sanger Award if Planned Parenthood performed abortions at the level it is doing now, particularly at the overrepresentation of abortions performed to black prospective mothers. Dr. King would be outraged to be even remotely associated with the slaughter taking place of the unborn, now well over 55 million lives lost.

Sanger had a controversial eugenics philosophy that has been adopted as a platform for the establishment of birth control targets. Sanger’s focus on preventing pregnancy of those unable to care for as oppose to not wanting to care for was the foundation of her health clinics. Sanger would find the baby killing factories of any fetus an abomination to decency.

As a Catholic, Sanger’s push to have birth control which made her at odds with the Pope and the Catholic doctrine only involved products that prevented pregnancy. Destroying human life only because the baby would be an inconvenience would be unthinkable to both Sanger and Dr. King.

Both Sanger and Dr. King would be astonished with perplexity concerning the lack of protection, rights, and compassion to the most vulnerable of our society. More human compassion is given to land and sea creatures than our very future growing in female wombs. The backwards priorities of a society that allows such misplaced values has lost it moral compass.

The attempt to preserve the quality of life indeed was the goal of Sanger, however using Sanger’s name as an endorsement to the procedure of abortion is a hijack to the intentions Sanger dedicated her life to. Sanger’s own horror to the practice of abortion was clearly articulated in 1931 in an article entitled “Birth Control Advances: a Reply to the Pope”.

Sanger flatly declared there was a huge difference between birth control and abortion, and that birth control did not include abortion. That is not the message being conveyed by many wanting abortion as though it were a form of birth control. Sanger would consider an abortion a form of murder. One would not find Sanger’s own perspective at the neighborhood Planned Parenthood facility.

There is much distortion to the truth regarding abortion in general, from the case used to substantiate Roe vs. Wade, to the disregard of the unborn baby’s right to exist. There is something absolutely wrong when worms can be given more rights to exist than a human baby in the womb.

Sanger's view of abortion was absolute by calling it "dangerous and vicious". Dr. King would find abortion an abominable practice since the majority of abortions are not done out of necessity, regardless of what racial group was targeted. Dr. King would be stunned at the estimates that the black population since 1973 has been reduced by 25%.

Both Sanger and King would be flabbergasted at the proliferation of abortion and the disregard of human life.

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