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Planned Parenthood advocates giving an abortion for Valentine’s Day

"Cecile Richards advocates giving an abortion as a Valentine present."
"Cecile Richards advocates giving an abortion as a Valentine present."

Planned Parenthood whose founder Margaret Sanger was an avowed racist (and even spoke at KKK rallies), began the organization that eventually came to be known as Planned Parenthood.

Her organization led from birth control to eventually becoming a most atrocious business of taking the lives of the pre-born babies at great financial gain.

Abortion is not all about helping women; but has many other facets.

Ms. Sanger of yesterday and liberal politicians of today like Hillary Clinton purports eugenics. That is clear in the video of Ms. Clinton below.

Eugenics is a social philosophy advocating improving human genetics by allowing the fit – in their opinion – to have children, while advocating reduced reproduction of those who have less desirable traits. Sanger advocated not allowing people to have children who society deemed unfit; while Hitler advocated killing those already born.

Today, Planned Parenthood pulls the wool over the eyes of the people by indicating that they promote many areas of health for women. While they purport to offer many services such as mammogram's and other free cancer screenings – just try getting one in your local area – their main industry is providing abortions and not for free.

This writer phoned several Planned Parenthood offices in Atlanta and was told they did not offer mammogram's or other screenings but would recommend doctors who do ….. For a fee.

What do they do with the billions they collect through donations especially from the government? Women have to pay for their abortions. Where does the money go? Assuredly, some of it goes into the pockets of officials; and some in the coffers of politicians to get control of elections.

They performed abortions that took the lives of 327,166 pre-born babies in 2012 according to their own annual report. They raised billions of dollars outside the abortion fees. How is this money used? Who holds them accountable?

The fight continues as Americans now see the toll that abortions cause not only in the life of the child; but in the morality of our nation, and the devastating results on the lives of the women they dupe.

While they still contend that a baby is not a baby until it is born, they have aborted many babies alive and did not rescue them. With the advent of sonograms, it has been definitely proven that the baby feels pain and dies an excruciating death.

Any person dismembering an animal would be considered cruelty to animals and if convicted would receive a jail sentence. But...

Poachers killing protected/endangered animal life the same. But...

A very dangerous place for pre-born endangered humans can be the mother’s womb. But…

But… free standing Parenthood Clinics that number at least 820 locations in America have a free license (and is protected by the law in dismembering human infants); and they are praised by liberal congressional people like Nancy Pelosi.

In an atrocious video, Cecile Richards (President of Planned Parenthood), advocates giving pregnant women an abortion for Valentine’s Day.

What potential dead-beat Dad wouldn't jump on this? Abortion today - no child support for eighteen year!. Would February 14th eventually become "National Abortion Day?"

Valentine’s Day – a day of love and devotion – might become a day that many women would grieve over every year for the rest of their lives.

Just how much lower can this organization go? We all know that there is a very low place provided for such people.

If you believe in the sanctity of life and find this atrocious, comment, share, and contact Ms. Richards on her Twitter page and tell her so.

Take a look at her Twitter page and you will see she is about much more than simply raking in billions of dollars for the dirty deeds at Planned Parenthood, she is up to her neck in liberal politics of all sorts.

If you want to know the facts about abortion in this country and wish to help stem the tide of infanticide, you may wish to check out “National Right to Life.”

There are "Right to Life," offices in just about every state in the nation. Every child conceived has the right to life. We all received it and so should they. You can also find facts at Americans United for Life at this link.

Video of potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton regarding her views on abortion.

There is help for women found in crisis pregnancies. However, they are not promoted by the press and government and are not financially supported by them. You may wish to Google - Pregnancy Resource Centers and type in your city.

In the Atlanta area there are two excellent organizations whose sole purpose to exist is to help women in crisis pregnancies and to help them choose life for their babies. Adoption is always an option; death should not be one for these babies. Not only should abortion be illegal - it should be unthinkable.

Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center

Atlanta Care Center

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Guys buy her chocolates and flowers for Valentine's Day if you can afford it - but don't offer to pay for the death of her child.

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