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Planned Parenthood ad falsely blames Greg Abbott for rape

Planned Parenthood, Wendy Davis falsely claim Abbott supports rape.
Planned Parenthood, Wendy Davis falsely claim Abbott supports rape.
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Call it a sign of desperation. In an effort to prop up Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat known as "abortion Barbie," Planned Parenthood falsely blamed Republican Gregg Abbott for rape in a new web ad, reported Thursday.

One ad, for example, simply proclaims: “Rape. Corporate Greed. Why we need to stop Greg Abbott.” The implication is clear -- Gregg Abbott is responsible for rape, a claim that is both outrageous and laughable.

The ad links to a website that claims to be sponsored by Planned Parenthood Texas Votes PAC. According to the Houston Chronicle, the PAC intends to spend three million dollars this election cycle in an effort to elect Davis and propel Leticia Van de Putte to the lieutenant governor's position.

Last week, Breitbart said, the Davis campaign let loose with a controversial ad using similar language, attacking Abbott for not siding with a woman who was raped by a vacuum salesman while serving as a judge in the early 1990s. In that case, Abbott sided with the company, saying it had no control over "who was to perform that work," since the salesman was hired by an independent distributor and not Kirby, the company that was sued. Abbott was in the minority on that case.

Abbott's campaign shot back, calling the ad "despicable" and "desperate." The ad has also received mixed reviews from Davis supporters.

"This ad is a continuation of the type of rhetoric we’ve seen from a candidate who is paper-thin on substance and running a failing campaign devoid of any real vision for the future of Texas," Abbott spokeswoman Amelia Chasse told Breitbart Texas. "Texans deserve better than the gutter politics they are getting from Sen. Davis."

The Planned Parenthood ad has also sparked outrage. A post at RedState called it "desperate, disgusting, baseless, and absurd."

"Of course, this is what you do when you have no issue to run on," Brandon Howell wrote. "Wendy Davis’s celebrity was always the creation and property of the most progressive elements of the Democratic base. She rose on the basis of defending late-term abortions, filibustering a bill that was eventually signed into law anyways."

On its website, Planned Parenthood claims Abbott “blocked rape victims from suing those who negligently hire their rapists.” It also says that as a judge, Abbott "refused to allow rape victims to sue.” Breitbart's Sarah Rumpf, however, said neither claim is factually or legally true. Moreover, she said "Planned Parenthood is itself under fire after recent investigations revealed a widespread failure to report victims of sex trafficking and rape who were brought into their clinics by their abusers for abortions."

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