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Planned Parenthood - A Thorn by any Other Name ...

You may have heard of Lila Rose. This beautiful and courageous young woman throws the fear of God, if that is possible, into an organization which woefully bears the misnomer of Planned Parenthood. That seems to be as appropriate as labeling the Tea Party as un-American. Unbelievably and unfortunately, that is the label used by modern liberals to describe those who want to cling to an archaic constitution, which until just a few years ago was considered the finest blueprint for government concocted by man. And now Planned Parenthood is considered to be as American as baseball and apple pie. Our world has somehow gotten tipped upside down.

Our government gives a lot of money to Planned Parenthood. They probably would not exist without federal funding. What do we taxpayers get for the use of our money? It appears what we get is a lot more than we suspected. PP has gotten into the business of sex education. Reminds you of the birds and the bees, right. Perhaps you'll find it a bit disturbing that their unofficial educational curriculum can involve perverted sexual practices. What do I refer to as perverted? Well, some sarcastic wit might coin a phrase such as one man's perversion is another man's normality. No matter how you slice and dice it, sadistic and masochistic practices are not converted into acceptable behavior just because they take place during sexual activity. People that inflict pain purposely on others during sex are sick. They should be considered a threat to society and individuals within society. Instead, they seem to be gaining respectability as those practicing free sex are discovering that even sex becomes a bit boring when practiced so frequently and indiscriminately. People seek for ways to spice it up a bit to bring some variety to the process of seeking physical pleasure and stimulation. In examining the orgies of the occult, seems to me there might be influence there.

God gave us sex for procreation and bonding between husband and wife. Practicing sex of any kind outside of marriage is not sanctioned and is objectionable in the eyes of God. Teaching young people to abuse their bodies and souls in search of an elevated sexual experience should be considered misguided mayhem and dealt with accordingly.

Here's a link to a story about Rose's latest sting operation with Planned Parenthood.

To counter this link, here's one supporting Planned Parenthood and casting dispersions on the sting operations of Lila Rose.

And if you want more ammunition to dislike Planned Parenthood, read this article about abortion quotas. To think that this organization is Pro-Choice is naivety to the extreme. They are Pro-Abortion, which should preclude them from Federal funding in any amount.

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