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Planned maintenance: Do it now or pay later

Apartment communities do it! Handymen and contractors do it! Why wouldn’t you do it too?

Planned maintenance! Probably the single most important job of a homeowner, next to paying the mortgage, is maintaining your property and the mechanical equipment installed on your property. Without proper maintenance of your property and/or equipment you risk lowering your property value and prematurely replacing equipment.

Planned maintenance needs to be done in order to preserve and prolong the life of your equipment and property. The average homeowner is more than capable of performing the tasks necessary to maintain their property and/or equipment without the need for specialized tools or knowledge.

A well established maintenance program will save you money by minimizing emergency work that can involve costly repairs. Do you really want to have to call some random contractor in the middle of the night, paying double time for his services, to fix your furnace because you failed to do something as simple as replace the filter timely?

Most maintenance activities should be scheduled according to need and performed in a timely fashion; e.g. filter replacement quarterly, and HVAC maintenance seasonally. Establishing a written schedule of maintenance activities ahead of time will allow you to control the workload, the budget, and time and personnel. Remember, your plan won’t work if you don’t follow it! So make sure you spread the tasks out evenly. Don’t plan to do too much in one day, so that what you do plan to do will get done.

Proper maintenance service and troubleshooting will keep your equipment and property operating at peak efficiency, thereby saving natural resources and saving you money. Well maintained mechanical equipment can last well beyond guarantees offered by the manufacturer and the installer. More importantly, a well established maintenance program reduces unwanted service calls.

All together the savings in time and money derived from following a maintenance schedule can lead to less stress and a more harmonious home.

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