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'Planetside 2' gets new battlefield Hossin

Soldiers of the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty received a new area to wage war in this week - the bogs of Hossin!

The fourth continent in Sony Online Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO shooter Planetside 2, Hossin brings new resources and challenges for players as they traverse rock formations, murky water, and low hanging trees, most of which can obstruct their vision of enemy combatants. Battles are sure to be exciting, chaotic messes (more so than they already are), where snipers can hide among the foliage and land mines wait just beneath the muddy surface.

Hossin has been in development for almost two years now. In fact, SOE released the swamp continent to the public in its unfinished form, hoping to get feedback from players as the developers continue to modify the map. “We’re considering Hossin to be a beta, or Early Expedition continent,” said creative director of Planetside 2 Matthew Higby in his forum post. “The continent will be fully functional, but the content is not 100% complete.” Higby stressed that doing this would not only allow players to enjoy the content earlier, but would also let the Planetside team actively fine tune the zone according to balance issues and flow.

In addition to Hossin, the big patch brings a number of updates and new features.

One new elements of play is continent locking - when all the points on a continent are captured by one empire it becomes locked, preventing other factions from spawning on it and giving the winning team the bonuses of the continent for the duration. However, a lock is broken once a different continent is locked by another faction, ensuring that each empire is constantly attempting to defend their lock by participating in other areas.

Outfits (Planetside 2’s guilds/clans) are also getting an update. The developers have rolled out a new system for recruiting that will streamline the process, and outfits can now equip official decals to differentiate themselves. Furthermore, an ownership system has been put in place; when a facility or outpost is captured, the outfit that contributed most to the victory will have their decal displayed over it. At least until the next enemy outfit comes along.

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