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Planetary happenings this week.

Mars is retrograde now.
photo courtesy of NASA

Mars is now retrograde in Libra and I have a lot to say about that. For Libras energy comes in fits and spurts and it will be hard to get much work done. The same is true for the other cardinal signs and possibly Scorpios. Or you may feel drained. You will be short-tempered and impatient. You don’t like to fight, it’s not your style, but somebody could be pushing your buttons. Things may be up in the air for the next few months. You are also more accident-prone.

I have to heed my own advice. Lately I keep dropping things and breaking them. I am such a butterfingers. I have a cold with a persistent cough. Things keep coming up to mess up my schedule and I’m really cranky about it even though I should be used to that sort of thing. I haven’t yelled at anybody yet but I still could. I wouldn’t bring any of this up but it illustrates Mars in action. I’m a Cancer (cardinal) with Mars retrograde in Capricorn (cardinal). I can usually handle a Mars retrograde but I’ve had sort of a bumpy couple of days. I also know an Aries (cardinal, ruled by Mars) lady on Facebook who only yesterday had an accident, an even better example of Mars energy. She shattered her knee while skiing, had to have surgery and is now chilling out in a hospital bed. Not a happy camper. Mars is transiting exactly opposite her Sun, and will be hanging around there for about the same time as the cast is on her leg.

Venus is now in Aquarius. With Mercury here already this is very stimulating for artists, writers, web designers and IT people. Venus and Mercury here are very good for creativity and communications. If you need to upgrade your computer or phone now is the time to do it. It’s also the perfect time to create an attractive new website or blog for your business. Aquarius folks are more charming and magnetic at this time. Cultivate friendships and professional ties.

Jupiter went direct in Cancer on March 6. This is helpful to everyone especially for the water signs. People are much more cheerful and optimistic. There will be movement in all activities and new opportunities. Look out in late April though, Jupiter will square Mars and possibly bring out the careless and reckless tendencies in folks more. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio. It’s not necessarily a difficult time but for Scorpios and the other fixed signs, affairs may slow down a bit. You have more work, more responsibilities and not enough time. You may feel old, tired and put-upon but this too shall pass. Face reality, be responsible and do what you have to do. Do the best you can and endure.

Note the Full Virgo Moon on March 16. Remember, a Full Moon brings climax and completion.

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