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Planetary events coming up.

photo courtesy of NASA

Mercury will enter Aquarius on January 11 until January 31. This is the sign of exaltation. At this time the best of Mercury will come shining through. Communication is faster and more accurate. Most people will have stronger intuition and even psychic experiences. If you are learning a new language or subject the information will sink in faster. Example: it’s great for me, since I am learning how to use a new computer. And my ascendant is Aquarius. I’m discovering brain cells I never knew I had. Mercury usually transits through a sign in only a few weeks. However Mercury will station, retrograde in Pisces on February 7, back up into Aquarius February 13 and stay until March 17. The next two months should be stimulating for everyone particularly Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo and Libra folks.

Venus is retrograde all month, stationing to go direct in 13° Capricorn on January 31. Capricorn folks, particularly those with birthdays January 1-10 are the most likely to benefit. An old flame may reappear in your life or you may get a call from an old friend. If attached, you should work on your present relationship and rekindle the romance. This is a time when you can get back together with someone you’ve broken up with. Venus is going back over old ground and you can fix the stuff that went wrong. Remember that when Venus slows down she has a stronger personal influence than usual. During Venus retrograde an encounter is not just a flirtation and you may fall deeply in love. The best time for falling in love is when Venus stations to go direct.
Since Venus retrograde is happening with Pluto close by as well as the Cardinal Grand Cross, an affair that begins now will likely be passionate, intense, demanding, perhaps too much so! It could be wonderful but don’t let it take over your life. If you have the right approach and keep both feet on the ground you could learn a lot from this relationship.

So love is on your mind more than usual. Also culture and creative things, and you should get out your drawing pad or paintbrushes. Pick up an artistic past time that you once enjoyed. Visit favorite museums. Restore furniture or redecorate your home. For some people this could also bring financial benefits such a gift or bequest from a parent. As a matter of fact, I recently got one myself… and I’m not even a Capricorn.

For more about Venus retrograde read Robert Wilkinson’s article at Aquarius Papers. Reminder: The Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, Bergen County has a nice selection of soups and other hearty entrees to warm you up on a cold winter’s night. Stop in and treat yourself!