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Planet Fitness gets heat again after telling pregnant woman to cover baby bump

 Melissa Mantor

We told you last month how a woman was told to cover up because her body was intimidating other Planet Fitness gym members. Shortly after, the gym chain asked a Muslim woman to leave if she was going to wear her religious head scarf.

Well, now Planet Fitness is has offended a pregnant woman by telling her change clothes or leave the gym because her shirt was riding up exposing part of her belly, reported by YahooNews on Friday.

Melissa Mantor, who is 18 weeks pregnant, finally felt well enough, after weeks of morning sickness, to go to the gym. She started to run on a treadmill at Planet Fitness in West Ashley, S.C., when an employee told her change clothes or leave. Her outfit was violating dress code, since her shirt was riding up, showing part of her tummy.

“They advertise everywhere that it’s a ‘Judgment Free Zone,’” Mantor tells Yahoo Shine. “But I’ve never felt so judged in my life.”

The 31-year-old, who has been a member at that gym for three years says, “What frustrates me the very most about all of this is that it’s really hard to get the motivation, pregnant or not pregnant, just to go to the gym."

Mantor, who also has a 3-year-old says, “You go to the gym to feel good about yourself and be healthy. The last thing that people want to hear is that their body that they’re trying to take care of is offensive and needs to be covered up.”

Planet Fitness corporate office says it prohibits jeans, boots, men’s string tank tops, or revealing clothing, including baring midriffs.

The gym handed her a men's large T-shirt in order to continue her workout, but Mantor said that was even more offensive. "I shouldn’t feel like I’m that repulsive that I need to cover my body up like that.”

Mantor canceled her membership and received a call from the franchise owner who apologized and offered her a few free months. Planet Fitness corporate is working with the franchise owner to clarify the dress code policy.

What do you think? Was Planet Fitness right to tell her to put on a big shirt to cover up?

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