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Planeswalker's Guide to Born of the Gods: Nyxborn and Kiora

I never can get over that smarmy look he has.
I never can get over that smarmy look he has.

With official preview weeks for Born of the Gods commencing on Monday, it was due time for the BNG entry in the Planeswalker's Guide series - apparently not a multiparter this time, as this is a small set. There is, however, plenty enough information to go around:

  • The "Born of the Gods" are Nyxborn: And Nyxborn are the "natural" fauna of the realm of the gods, newly released into Theros proper. They are apparently enchantment creatures, sans bestow, and probably have a new keyword.
  • Iroas, Mogis, and Xenagos all merit mention: This means they probably all get their cards in Born of the Gods, but there's still room for two more minor gods in this set. My money is on Kruphix and Ephara.
  • No Theran nor any god can actually harm a god: Which is the crux of Xenagos's plan - he is counting on no one being able to stop him, as he (wrongly) believes there are no capable planeswalkers around. So far it looks like only Elspeth and Ajani are going up against him - Elspeth is partially doing it to clean up her own mess, as she indirectly caused Xenagos to ascend by empowering the Grand Revel ritual with her celebration of a great victory - but Kiora might get involved too. Speaking of:
  • Kiora's intentions and backstory: Kiora is from Zendikar, and wants what every Zendikari wants - to find a way to kill the Eldrazi. Her method is pure size and brute force - since the seas grow some of the biggest creatures on every plane, hunt down and capture the nastiest ocean monsters of every plane. And she's found friends so far in the Tritons by using the old trick-the-natives-into-thinking-you're-a-god ploy.