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Planes soar above and beyond at Pulp

Planes soar above and beyond at Pulp.
Planes soar above and beyond at Pulp.
Sareth Ney/

PUEBLO, Colo.—Planes ascended to new heights at Pulp, on Aug. 7. They were the headliner and Bluebook was the direct support.

Planes soar above and beyond at Pulp.
Sareth Ney/

Inaiah Lujan is the guitarist and vocalist, Desirae Garcia plays the ukulele and provides vocals for Planes. Chela Lujan was brought up to provide backup vocals.

Before Planes began their performance with “When You Look At Me”—Pulp’s editor, John Rodriguez, congratulated both Lujan and Garcia on their engagement. He asked about any new projects in the works and Lujan’s newest tattoo he received earlier in the day. Rodriguez asked Garcia about the differences performing with The Haunted Windchimes and Planes. Lujan mentioned they had filmed a new music video for the song, thanked everyone for being involved and began the recital.

Lujan thanked the audience and Planes received a round of applause, before the beginning of “Bed Of Roses”. He mentioned it was one of Garcia’s songs. She sang the verses and he accompanied her on the choruses.

Prior to “I’m On Your Side”—Lujan mentioned how the song was written at Chela Lujan’s house, as they sat around her kitchen table. Lujan joked with his sister and stated he would give her 10% of the credit, she responded by wanting 15%, and they settled with 12%. Garcia reached for her flask and mentioned it was time for a beverage break and incorporated her sense of humor into the mix. She went onto say it was a ritual and they began the song.

“Lost Boy” followed and Lujan mentioned the song was inspired of a one-week stay with his friend in Colorado Springs, Colo. He mentioned his friend would take in transient musicians and compared his experience to Peter Pan’s Neverland.

Garcia spoke of her ukulele, prior to “Flaws”. She mentioned she purchased it from eBay for $30 and named it “Baby”—after she opened the package and said, “Oooh, Baby.” She mentioned how it was always out of tune. Lujan went onto joke with her and say it was a $30 ukulele from eBay, as the crowd laughed with them.

After Chela Lujan assisted Planes with “Nobody Else”, they ended their performance with “Why Didn’t You”. Inaiah Lujan joked how the song was the saddest song of all time. He mentioned Planes was excited to continue the three day tour with Bluebook.
“The Runner”, “Dry Land” and “Troubled Water” were also a part of Planes’ set.