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Planes collide: Search for missing pilot in northern San Francisco Bay in day 2

2 planes collide mid-air, pilot missing from downed plane in San Francisco Bay area.
2 planes collide mid-air, pilot missing from downed plane in San Francisco Bay area.
Matthew Trump, adapted from public domain NASA satellite photo

Two planes collided after leaving an air and auto show with one plane going down in the northern part of San Francisco Bay. The pilot of the plane that went down is still missing, but the area is being searched with helicopters and boats in hopes of finding the missing pilot, according to USA Today on April 28.

Some debris from the 1965 Cessna 210 were found in San Pablo Bay, where the search is concentrated today. This vintage Cessna collided with a single-engine Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20 on Sunday night while the two planes were flying together on the way home from the event.

The husband and wife in the Sea Fury were able to fly another 40 minutes to a small airport where they landed safely. Firefighters and EMTs were sent to the small airport where the Sea Fury headed after the collision, but they were not needed.

Both planes departed the Eagle Nest's Airport together after attending a weekend event hosted by Pacific Coast Dream Machines in Half Moon Bay, according to ABC News today. This popular event is where folks come to show off their unique vehicles such as planes, cars, motorcycles and "other 'tricked out' vehicles."

People who were at the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor witnessed the Cessna spiral out of control after the two planes collided. The plane crashed into the water which was described as "choppy" at the time. Only small pieces of the plane's debris have been found so far.

The missing pilot's name was not released. The plane that made it to safety, the vintage Sea Fury, is registered to Sanders Aircraft Inc., a company that restores the classic planes.

The National Transportation Safety Board will be interviewing the pilot that made a safe landing after the planes collided. As part of their investigation, they will also be reviewing the backgrounds of both pilots involved in this midair collision.

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